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Whammies and Big Bucks – Press Your Luck!

July 27, 2019

One of the games that will be played in the WolvHaven game show marathon of summer 2019 is Press Your Luck, based on the American version! Answer questions and press your way through big bucks and whammies! Fun for everyone!

Press Your Luck will run all Friday’s during the marathon. Sign up to play below!


Press Your Luck

This game has two total rounds with 3 players that both go as follows:

  • Contestants answer 4 trivia questions. If a player buzzes in within the first 5 seconds after the host reading the question and answers it, it will be used as one of the 3 choices for the answer.
  • All other players that didn’t buzz in or buzzed in after the first player will choose one of the 3 choices. If the player that buzzed in got it correct, they get 3 spins to use and others that also get the answer right by picking a choice get 1 spin. No spins are awarded to incorrect answers.
  • Then, the person with the highest number of spins after the first question round or the player with the lowest dollar amount after the first round of spins each spin.
  • After each spin, players have the option of passing their remaining spins to the next player with the highest dollar amount. The player receiving the spins must take all of them unless they land on a whammy which allows the player to pass back.
  • Whammies are yellow spaces on the board that, when landed on, set the player’s money back to $0. More than 3 whammies set the player out of the game.
  • All other spaces give different money amounts. The person with the highest amount of money after the last round wins the money (Capped at WH$50000).

Example game (WH rules may vary slightly to the example): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHQvnOVndKA

Become a contestant: https://forms.gle/spDSmUTwP7SHqMCz7


July 27, 2019
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