Fifth Haven

WolvHaven’s 5th Generation World

A brand new world with more robust urban planning, providing more space
for WolvHaven to expand.

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What is Fifth Haven?

Fifth haven (5H) is WolvHaven’s 5th generation world. The project calls for a brand new world that is 7.4km by 7.4km which is ¼ the size of gardellia and is approximately 10 times the size of the current WolvHaven world. Unlike the previous generations of WolvHaven worlds, 5H will call for extensive planning and studies before we begin building in the world – a first for all WolvHaven worlds.

Why is WolvHaven moving to a new world?

Since its introduction, the current world – NewWolvHaven was meant to be the very last version of the WolvHaven city project. However, in late 2015, problems soon started showing up with the current world due to the way it was designed.

Lack of space

Ever since expansion towards Westford begun, we realized that the current world size was not large enough. The original plan to have the WolvHaven International Airport in Mechanicsburg was starting to run into some issues. The size of the airport meant that almost the whole of Mechanicsburg island had to be allocated for the airport. The planned industrial district would have to be scrapped to make way for the airport.

Insufficient Planning

Even though WolvHaven has a highly commendable expressway network that is quite realistic, the truth is it was never planned at all. The only “plans” for the expressway network was an image depicting where the expressways would go – however, this plan was barely followed and the initial idea for the expressways was to have them all underground. As time went on, finding space to build the expressways proved challenging – resulting in the very unpopular La Resistance Expressway (LRE) that goes over Central Boulevard and Lexington Avenue without letting in any light to the street below.

Incidents of miscommunication involving the power plant and project WINNER also make it such that it is impossible to expand the Metro according to the metro master plan due to the large cavern dug below WINNER.

WolvHaven Metro and the later introduction of BERT also led to duplicated routes and wastage of server resources largely due to the close station space. This also meant that it was faster to walk than to actually take the train.

Badly Designed Roads

In Wolfminster island, most of the streets only have 2 lanes (1 in each direction). There is also no space for parking and no space was also considered for buses. The width of each lane in the city also could not accommodate 4 or 5 wide buses and there was no space to create bays within the roads for bus stops. Since the introduction of Westford, the standards of roads have changed that required at least 2 lanes of traffic in each direction on roads. However, the lack of space on Wolfminster meant that it could not adapt to these standards.

Impossible to rectify

In a parliament session in December 2016, WolvHaven was presented with 2 choices – either to move and rebuild in a new world or add a mega fourth island to the east of Wolfminster & revitalize Wolfminster itself. Although the vote turned out in favor of the latter option, further evaluation and studies confirmed that the poorly planned world currently would be too challenging to implement the fourth island. It would also mean that the metro would have to be completely rebuilt and the whole of Wolfminster bulldozed and rebuilt to build roads according to the new standards. As a result, the WolvHaven council decided to go with a brand new world that is larger in size.

Migrating from 4th Haven to the 5th

Fifth Haven will not be ready anytime soon. The earliest we can expect or hope for is 2019. As such, there is no need to be alarmed.

Advanced notifications, explainers and videos regarding the migration and switch over to the new world will be released at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the migration period.

The migration window period is expected to last for approximately 2-6 months to give everyone ample time to migrate.

What will happen to 4th Haven after migration?

Fourth Haven will be decommissioned at the end of the migration period. There are no plans to release the world to the public as of yet. Future developments regarding this issue will be released if any.