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Latest Announcements

Register your Gardellia claim by August

Under the Gardellia Claim Registry Act, 2019 all Gardellian claim holders must register their claims using the Claim Registry Form. This includes deregistering/abandoning claims, ensuring…

Second claims for Gardellians

From 2 January 2018, all Gardellians will be entitled to having a second claim. To Summarize: You must have an existing claim that is over…

Gardellia is now open!

Hello everyone! Gardellia is now open to the public! What is Gardellia? Gardellia is a world with a rail and road network where people can…

Gardellia Is Coming!

Gardellia is set to open this Christmas (25th December 2016)! The long awaited world which has been plagued with several problems is now almost ready…

What is Gardellia?

Gardellia is a creative world with an extensive rail and road network where people can claim areas and build their own towns, cities, and settlements to any style they like — as long as it complies with our rules.

How do I get to Gardellia?

You need to be ranked [PR] and above to get access to the Gardellia world. Citizens may access Gardellia by doing /spawn going to the Gardellia Portal in the spawn hub.

How do I get started?

In order to build in Gardellia, you need to apply for build rights in the world. Please read and understand the rules regarding Gardellia and apply.

Can I get WorldEdit?

You may get worldedits by asking an admin or someone with WorldEdit permissions to perform the worldedit for you. Make sure you ask nicely!

If you have a basic understanding of WorldEdit and wish to be able to perform worldedits yourself, please take the WorldEdit Qualification Test and you will be given WorldEdit permissions within Gardellia.

Registering my claim

All Gardellian claim holders must register/de-register their claims using the Claim Registry Form to ensure accuracy in record-keeping

Getting Started in Gardellia

Gardellia is one of the most popular and frequented worlds on the server, allowing players to build their own cities and co-operate with others for diplomacy and to create intercity infrastructure. In order to get started, you must first apply for build rights under the Citizen Services tab. Results from this application are released on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Having obtained build rights, there is just one more step before you can begin building. Players are required by law to register their claim before they can begin building in Gardellia. To register, simply fill in the form listed in the Citizen Services tab. After completing this step, you are free to begin building in Gardellia. Ensure that your new claim is at least 300 blocks away from any existing claim before building.

Gardellia Rules & Regulations

In the interest of ease of maintenance, we regret to inform that Gardellia rule information will now be available from a separate document instead of being within the website. Any inconvenience is regretted and we thank you for your understanding.

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Application Forms & eServices

Apply for Gardellia Build Access

Reviewed weekly. Results released every Saturday/Sunday.

Register your Gardellia Claim

Reviewed weekly. Results released every Saturday/Sunday.

Obtain Worldedit Qualification

Reviewed weekly. Results released every Saturday/Sunday.

Getting Around

Gardellia Mainlines Map

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