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A city building world

Made for the seriously creative in WolvHaven.

About Gardellia

What is Gardellia?

Gardellia is a world with a rail and road network where people can claim areas and build their own towns, cities and settlements – to any style they like as long as it complies with our rules.

How do I get to gardellia?

You need to be ranked [Citizen] and above to get access to the Gardellia world. Citizens may access gardellia by doing /spawn and proceeding to boarding gate C2 of Mechanicsburg International Airport.

How do I get started?

In order to build in Gardellia, you need to apply for build rights in the world. Please read and understand the rules regarding Gardellia and apply

Can I get worldedit?

You may get worldedits by asking an admin and above to perform the worldedit for you or ask anyone with worldedit access to perform the worldedit for you.

In addition, if you have basic understanding of WorldEdit and wish to be able to perform worldedits yourself, please take the WorldEdit Qualification Test and you will be given WorldEdit permissions within Gardellia.

Gardellia Rules

  1. Observe ALL general rules.
  2. Each player is entitled to 1 Town/City/Claim in any part of the world.
    1. Second claims may be made once their first claim’s city diameter is over 250m
    2. A player may only have one mainline station claim at any given point of time
    3. You are advised to show consideration for others and make your claims architecturally different – not carbon copies
  3. Any decision(s) made by staff is/are final.
  1. A Town/City is an area with a collection of 5 or more buildings
    1. Official Towns/Cities must have the following:
      1. A town/city hall, containing the owner(s) and any local policies
      2. A local council (minimum size: 1 person)
      3. A local administrative hierarchy system (e.g. mayor, deputy mayor)
      4. A set of local rules/regulations or policies
    2. Borders are the city’s outermost buildings.
      1. Roads, pathways and railways are not considered.
    3. Limits are any piece of free land that is within 150 blocks of the town/city’s borders.
    4. Abandoned Towns/Cities are classified as such if
      1. The Owner of the Town/City has been offline for 6 months or 3 months if there are little-to-no visible edits made
      2. No visible updates have been made within the past 10 to 12 calendar months
      3. The Owner has been permanently banned without chance of appeal
      4. The Owner has expressed no interest in retaining the Town/City
  2. Ownership of a town/city automatically goes to the player who builds/constructs the first completed building in an area unless agreed upon otherwise.
  3. Abandoned Towns/Cities may be removed or given to another player
    1. Staff will try their best to contact the Owner of the abandoned Town/City before taking further action. No replies after 30 days are treated as expressing no interest to retain the Town/City
  4. Decisions of the owner of their town/city are final within their town/city limits.
    1. These decisions must be reasonable to anyone affected by them.
      E.g. Town owner wants to remove a building by another player, he asks the player or gives the player a notification at least a week before removing his/her building/structure
    2. These decisions may be overwritten by any member of staff.
  5. Local policies or rules & regulations may be imposed by the owner of a Town/City
    1. Local policies only apply within the Town/City’s limits
    2. Local policies must not be in violation of any server rules and regulations.
    3. Examples of Local Policies:
      1. Build Style
        e.g. Builds must be modern and must not contain the cyan color
      2. Construction and Zoning Policies
        e.g. You may build in the purple marked plots anytime you want
      3. Policy for removal
        e.g. Builds that do not meet standards will be removed without notice
  1. Gardellia is a City/Town building world. Players should not build individual builds that are not within city limits dotted around the world without permission from a member of staff
  2. Always ask the owner of a town/city before building inside their town/city’s limits unless otherwise stated by the town/city’s local policy
    1. It is also advised that you look at the local rules/policies in the town/city hall and understand them before starting construction.
    2. Always contact the owner of a town/city when in doubt
  3. Do not start or build a new town/city within 300m of the nearest town/city’s limits
    1. Players who intentionally start a new town/city to hinder the development of another town/city will have their town/city either relocated or removed
    2. Do not start or build a new town/city in between railway stations along the mainline tracks
  4. Do not make any large land/sea changes that severely alters the landscape of the area you are working with.
  5. Do not mess with the bedrock level
  6. Banned builds consist of the following:
    1. 1×1 towers
    2. Builds of offensive/NSFW nature
    3. Builds containing excessive activated beacons
    4. Redstone lag machines
    5. Slimeblock automated machinery or vehicles
  7. Ask for permission from staff before constructing any of the following:
    1. Airports
    2. Roads extending over 100m beyond Town/City limits
    3. Railways extending over 100m beyond Town/City limits
  8. Guidelines for constructing railways
    1. Do not add any station onto the Gardellia Mainlines track
    2. Local transit systems (e.g. Metro/Tram) should not extend beyond Town/City limits by over 50m
    3. Only the following types of traincarts systems are allowed
      1. Semi-Automatic: Players press a button to request for a train, empty trains are automatically destroyed at every station
      2. Manual: Players drive the trains themselves
    4. Inter-town/city railways can only be built with
      1. Approval from a member of staff AND
      2. Owners of all towns/cities inovolved
    5. Railway structures outside Town/City limits must:
      1. Respect the terrain and require minimal terraforming
      2. Does not hinder any other town/city’s progress
      3. Be realistic i.e. supported by pillars, not floating in the air
    6. Staff may modify the route of the railway at any given point of time
  9. Guidelines for building roads
    1. Internal city roads should not extend out of the city’s limits by over 100 blocks.
      1. An exception to this rule is given if the road connects to an existing semi-private road.
    2. Roads are not considered as buildings – and cannot be used to extend the city’s limits
    3. Road standards within a Town/City’s limits are defined by the owner of the Town/City
    4. Traffic directionality (Left/Right hand traffic) is defined by the owner of the Town/City
      1. Proper crossovers from right-hand traffic (↓↑) to left-hand traffic (↑↓) and vice versa are required if needed.
    5. Inter-town/city roads can only be built with
      1. Approval from a member of staff, AND:
      2. The owners of ALL towns/cities involved.
    6. Roads outside Town/City limits must:
      1. Have a maximum width of 11m (inclusive of both directions) unless otherwise authorized by a member of staff.
      2. Respect the terrain and require minimal terraforming
      3. Adhere to Right-Hand Traffic (↓↑)
      4. Have a minimum of 8m height clearance
      5. Be realistic i.e. Pillars to support the road, proper bridge structures & smooth non-90 degree turns
    7. Staff may modify the route of the road at any given point of time
  10. Modification of existing structures
    1. An existing structure refers to any build or structure present in Gardellia before it was opened to the public.
      1. Gard mainline stations
      2. Gard mainline guideways
      3. Gard Expressways / A-class roads
    2. You may only modify an existing structure if it is within your town/city limits
    3. Modifications must not hinder the purpose of the structure
      1. Some examples of allowed changes are:
        1. Change of track viaduct design
        2. Moving of station underground without breaking the tracks
        3. Changing the wall designs of an existing expressway / A-class road
        4. Diverting the expressway / A-class road underground through a tunnel without cutting off the expressway
      2. Some examples of banned changes are:
        1. Deleting sections of rail from Gardellia mainlines
        2. removing lanes from existing expressway / A class roads)
    4. The following existing structures should not be modified
      1. The Central station
      2. Any other buildings within the spawn city.

Gardellia Build Rights

Worldedit Qualification

As of 24 October 2017, please refer to the Gardellia Noticeboard for all inter-city plans.