Building reality.

The Ministry for Infrastructure is responsible for the planning and building of WolvHaven’s public infrastructure on a federal level.

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What the Ministry for Infrastructure does

The Ministry for Infrastructure is responsible for the planning and construction of WolvHaven’s public infrastructure such as railways and roads.

It also manages Builder manpower and the Architect & Engineer committees.

Our Ministers


Minister for Infrastructure

Architects & Engineers

Build, Create, Innovate

Architects & Engineers are the people who literally build up WolvHaven and other key public infrastructure projects. WolvHaven is where it is at today because of their contributions.

If you have adequate building or redstone skills and always wanted to contribute back to the community, do apply for the Architect or Engineer rank!

Apply for the Architect rank if you are good at building structures/buildings

Apply for the Engineer rank if you are good at building redstone contraptions

Pre-requisites & qualifications

The following prerequisites are required in order to be accepted as an architect/engineer

  • Good Building Skills (ability to create structures on-par or similar to the ones in the city)
  • WorldEdit Qualification
  • Relatively good behavior & track record

Code of Conduct for Architects & Engineers

  1. Architects/Engineers are humble.
    Never look down on people with building skills that aren’t as good as yours.
  2. Educate & Innovate.
    Impart knowledge and techniques onto people willing to learn, and innovate to develop new technologies
  3. Use of powers responsibly.
    Do not abuse creative and/or other gamemodes or worldedit permissions to give items to themselves in Survival
  4. Respect for originality.
    Respect every individual’s work. Do not blatantly //copy and //paste or copy a build from a screenshot.