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About Us

The Staff Team

WolvHaven’s Staff Team was established in 2012 with the mission to work with the community to keep the server in operational standards and ensure the safety of WolvHaven.

Our Core Values – R.I.S.E.


Treat all members with basic respect within reason.


Doing the right thing at any time & ensuring impartiality when performing duties.


Providing service to all, responding to all lawful requests.


Giving our best in undertaking our duties diligently. Always improving from feedback.

We protect WolvHaven by

  • Preventing, detecting, investigating and deterring offenses
  • Maintaining social order & public peace
  • Prosecuting & charging offenders
  • Community engagement

We keep WolvHaven running by

  • Providing citizen services
  • Enacting Regulatory Enforcement Actions (REA)
  • Developing and changing policies
  • Ratifying acts of parliament

Organisational Structure & Ranks

[AE] – Authorized Enforcement

Authorized Enforcers are civilians appointed to enforce certain rules & regulations. AEs do not have a rank tag as it is not a rank.

[Helper] – Helper

They assist players with general inquiries and are the first responders to any incident within the server.

[Mod] – Moderators

They moderate and maintain law & order and prosecute & charge individuals who breach server law.

[SrMod] – Senior Moderator

They have the same responsibilities as moderators but also manage, advise & feedback on staff under their watch.

[Admin]/[Dev] – Administrators & Developers

They conduct day to day operations of the server and troubleshoot server issues in addition to managing lower-ranking staff.

[Owner] – Owner

The head honcho of the server. Nuff sed.

Meet the team

Owners, Admins & Devs

[Owner] SilverWolv

Goofy AF leader ever. Dislikes personality cult though.

[PSO (Ops)] Mopsistudios

Richest player on WolvHaven. (Until he got taxed)

[PSO (PC)] Jotch

Youngest admin on WolvHaven

[Admin] MattySlav

WolvHaven meme lord and the fastest citizen to go up through the ranks of staff.

[Admin] Quarxilon

Very wise guy, but can be an edgelord at times.

[Admin] Carew

So old he looks like the T-Rex from Night at the Museum. Very kind guy there.

Technical Staff

[SysAdmin] Nixholas

Literally SilverWolv’s tech support. Updates abandoned or un-updated plugins and maintains the server.

[Dev] Axton

Developer of the Metro+ plugin. Now the only guy with the [Dev] rank.

[SysAdmin] Underscore11

Maintains the server & plugins. Can’t spell “playerlist” to save his life.

Senior Mods & Mods

[SrMod] Baymax1020

One of the newer players on WolvHaven (Joined December 2017). Climbed up the ranks SUPER fast.

[Mod] GukkyGukz

Speaks Gukkish which is a language with misspellings and typos.

[Mod] CM_Raiders

Literally just says slskslkslsksk.


[Helper] MatthieuTofu

Likes Tofu.

[Helper] _Ezzo

Used to be a Moderator before resigning due to personal reasons.

[Helper] Sambrose

Can be a Nazi if you piss him off.

[Helper] Littledoggy2

Knows just about every random, useless fact but can’t recognise or make a joke to save their life.

[Helper] Tony515

He’s more than ok… and he does Siberian Speak!

[Helper] TogaComradeVin

Step free toga guy

[Helper] agaho

hao do u cpel (He said this instead of ‘how do you spell’)

[Helper] B0wlingf0rs0up


Join Us

If you always wanted to contribute back to the community and take on a greater role within the server, we want you! Your staff journey will present you with challenges, interests, variety and a chance to make a real difference to the server. Apply and join us as a [Helper]!

Your role as a Staffer

Maintain Law & Order

Improve community relations

Assist and answer player inquiries

Perform administrative duties

Criteria & tips for a successful application

  • Be a member on the server for at least a month
  • Have good behavioral conduct & track record
  • Put in effort into your application answers

Join Us!

Always wanted to contribute back to the community and love interacting with people? Apply and join us as a member of staff!

Staff Departments

Apart from general policing duties and investigation, staff are also responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of the server. They do this by enforcing regulation, application processing and much more.

Qualifications Department

Discord Tag: @Qualifications Dept

The Qualifications Department handles the processing of the various applications of the server.

Member In-Charge
Architect Application
Engineer Application
TO Examiner Application Baymax
Worldedit (Basic) Qualification
Quarkxilon (Rom)

Gardellia Department aka Gardellia Enforcement Team

Discord Tag: @Gardellia Dept

The Gardellia Department (also known as the Gardellia Enforcement Team) handles applications related to the Gardellia world of the server and the various regulatory actions that are required

Member In-Charge
Gardellia Build Access
Gardellia Abandoned Claims

Properties Department

Discord Tag: @Property Dept

The Properties Department handles all administrative work related to player property across the server. This includes public housing, build rights within the city and Sandbox properties

Member In-Charge
Sandbox Cleanup