You’ve passed the Immigration Test

A warm welcome to WolvHaven, let’s see what you can do now!

Interact with the community

  1. Access the rest of the WolvHaven discord
    Link your Minecraft account with your discord account! For more info, see the #verification channel
  2. Read up on our community guidelines & tips!
    Every community is different and has its own culture; so it is important you get to know ours! It might help you get along with everyone better.
  3. Advance to the [Citizen] Rank
    You may apply for the [Citizen] Rank 1 week after you received the [PR] rank, alternatively, you may also apply for other ranks! Learn more about our rank structure here
  4. Find your one-stop place for information & services
    Visit to find information articles
    Visit to find all WolvHaven-related services, such as rank applications

I want to…


Feel free to continue exploring WolvHaven City with your new WH$80 pre-loaded standard Metro+!


You may build your own town/city in Gardellia and Calidia. Your building permissions are already included.


If Survival Multiplayer is your thing, hop on over into the Pangaea world, set up base, and trade your survival-obtained items in the city by selling them to the adminshop.

Earning in-game money

You earn WH$25 for every 30minutes of online game time, capped at $200 a day.

You may also earn money by:

  • Survival – Sell your items to the adminshops in WolvHaven City or trade with other players
  • Creative – Get into the franchising or services economy. Build up a business with a reputable brand, or offer creative services at a fee.
  • City/Roleplay Jobs – WolvHaven believes in functional roleplay – so the jobs you take on actually make a difference. For example, being a train operator/conductor (tag @Train Examiners on discord for more info)