A warm welcome to the WolvHaven server! With over 5 years of history behind it, WolvHaven may seem daunting to the new arrival. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you through getting started on our server – and integrating into our community.

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Owner’s Welcome Message


Welcome to WolvHaven – a minecraft server that focuses on Survival Multiplayer with a touch of Creative. But we aren’t just any minecraft server. Since its humble beginnings in 2011, WolvHaven has grown into the community we see today. We share over five years of history and counting.

Over the years we have had our ups and downs but in the end WolvHaven still has one thing that keeps it alive everyday – its community.

While building a community was not the original focus of WolvHaven, it has become paramount and one of the key aspects that keep our WolvHaven alive and thriving.

As a new member, you may find WolvHaven vast and daunting at the start – and we understand that. The server has evolved to be so much more than it was. Hence, we hope this guide – prepared by WolvHaveners will help you to integrate into our community easier – and of course, we look forward to welcoming you to be a part of our community.

Basic Facts of WolvHaven

More to Explore

WolvHaven City

Official Languages


3,000 (Unique players joined as of December 2018)

WolvHaven Dollar (WH$)

Brief History of WolvHaven

WolvHaven was founded in 2011 by SilverWolv and a couple of his friends as a private Minecraft server, with a sole goal to create a city in Minecraft. At that time, the server had no official name, but the city created was named New Centrif.

In 2012, WolvHaven shifted to become a city server with Survival Multiplayer (SMP). New Centrif was replaced by Wolv City. The server was popularised through Twitter in the same year by RookieMC97, who is now honoured as one of WolvHaven’s greatest players.

In 2013, Wolv City was decommissioned and the server went public, focusing on developing the third iteration of WolvHaven City, New Haven, which opened to the public in late 2013. The goal remained the same. In December that year, the development of the fourth WolvHaven City, New WolvHaven, began. The server was re-privatised from January to March 2014.

In Mid-2018, the fifth iteration, Fifth Haven, began development. WolvHaven continues to be public to this day and the goal of building a city with SMP remains the same.

Welcome, Visitor!

Upon your arrival into WolvHaven, you will be given the default [Visitor] rank. However, to unlock more parts of the server, you will be required to apply for citizenship. As a visitor you can:

  • Explore the city
  • Ride the Metro
  • Shop for items from admin or player shops

Intending to stay on?

That’s great to hear! You’ll want to perform the following tasks to experience more of the server!

  • Understand the rules
  • Apply for citizenship
  • Submit applications for other aspects of the server

It’s the law!

WolvHaven has a set of rules, regulations, and laws that govern the server – they ensure that the server remains enjoyable for all. Hence, it is important to understand these rules as breaching them can result in penalties against you.

The general rules are:

  • Griefing is not allowed
  • Respect fellow members
  • Do not use caps or spam excessively
  • No advertising – this includes asking players if they wish to join another server without giving out the IP
  • Do not demand/beg for anything from Staff
  • Do not steal/download anything from the server
  • Speak English most of the time, please!

Please note that there are other rules and regulations governing the server. For the full rules, visit the rules page.

Applying for Citizenship

To gain access to other parts of WolvHaven you will have to apply for Citizenship. Citizenship generally means anyone with the rank [Citizen] or above.

With the [Citizen] rank, you can do so much more – like drive the metro, own properties, access the other worlds in the server, vote, and participate in parliament!

Taking the Citizenship Test

In order to obtain Citizenship, you will need to pass the Citizenship/Immigration Test. This is to ensure that we know you understand the rules and regulations.

To get to the citizen test, exit the spawn plane and go straight to the lifts or escalators to the arrivals (bottom) floor. If you cannot find it, just look for the signs directing you towards the test. When you go down the escalators or lifts, the test entrance is on the left of the arrivals hallway.

Once inside, READ, READ, READ! Read all the rules beforehand, read questions carefully, and then follow all instructions at the end board. Remember that the screenshot must not be cropped, show the end board, AND the verification message. (Also don’t forget to claim your free $70 metro+ card!)


An example of a valid Citizenship Test completion screenshot

Other Ranks

WolvHaven has a whole range of other ranks as well.

Add-on ranks such as [Architect] and [Engineer] are advanced ranks that can be applied for.


The WolvHaven Discord is the primary mode of communication used by the community and is an essential part of the WolvHaven server. You will need discord to gain access to Citizen Services, Announcements, Staff Assistance and most importantly – community discussions!

Joining the Discord

To join our discord, simply ask for any citizen in the server to get you an invite link! We do not have a fixed public link available due to security reasons. You’ll need to join the Discord in order to submit your citizenship application anyway.

Get Verified

Getting verified on discord will give you access to the following channels:
#fifth-haven (for you to contribute to planning and discussion over our new city world)
#server-chat (where you can communicate to players on the server and vice-versa through a bot)

To get this rank, simply tag an @admin in #helpop, tell them you want to be verified, and state your in-game username.

Mention Lists

What is a mentionlist?
A mentionlist is a role within the WolvHaven Discord server that anyone may @mention. This will send all members within the mentionlist a ping/notification.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from a mentionlist?
Simply run the command:
!sub-<mentionlist> to subscribe to a mentionlist
!unsub-<mentionlist> to unsubscribe from a mentionlist
e.g. to subscribe to market updates, use the command !sub-market

What mentionlists are there?

  • Market
    for use in the #market channel, for advertising in-game businesses/shops/franchises/tenders etc.
  • Builder
    subscribe to this mentionlist if you are an architect, engineer or builder and would like to receive updates for contribution opportunities in #fifth-haven

Try to limit to one @mention to a mentionlist within 24 hours. Nobody likes excessive pings. Penalties apply for abuse/misuse.

Worlds within the server

Take note that you will need Citizenship to access all these worlds except WolvHaven City (Fourth Haven)

WolvHaven City

More to Explore
Now in its 4th iteration, this is the main world of the server, till Fifth Haven replaces it. Besides being home to the iconic WolvHaven metro system, the city is also home to some of the most important buildings in the server, such as the Civic Centre and Supreme Court.

WolvHaven City


Survive to Thrive
The survival world of the server. Build, mine, and gather resources earn some money for use in WolvHaven City and your business!



Create to Captivate
One of the more popular worlds in the server, Gardellia is a massive world where players can build their own cities along with local metros, road systems, and form diplomatic ties with other cities, along with government-owned high-speed mainline trains and an extensive expressway network.


Other Worlds


A world for players to build prototypes and actual builds and test out their redstone contraptions. Players may also use this world to practice world edit if they don’t have permission to do so in Gardellia.


A creative world with plots for building. Feel free to get creative and build anything as long as it complies with the Sandbox rules. You don’t need to ask for permission to build, just find an empty plot and start building!

WolvHaven Community & Culture

Being an international server, WolvHaven has a diverse mix of players from different cultural backgrounds from all over the world. As a result, the community itself has also developed a form of culture. Understanding and getting used to the culture here is an essential part of making new friends within the community.

You may have heard that WolvHaven’s community can be “Toxic” or “Crude” at times – and we’ll admit that it sure is the case only if you do something that the community really dislikes.

Do’s & Don’ts – An Overview


  • Welcome new players & help them out
  • Say Welcome Back (or wb for short) when people come back
  • Be patient
  • Join in discussions
  • Be open-minded


  • Say “K” use “Ok” instead
  • Humble Brag / Attention Seek
  • Act entitled to everything or be arrogant
  • Joke around when you aren’t close to the person
  • Backseat moderate
  • Ask for metro lines to be built or turned on

Social Customs


Generally a “Hello” or “Hi” is used in when WolvHaveners greet each other. “Welcome” is commonly used as a greeting for people who join the server for the first time. When an existing WolvHavener joins back or comes back from being Away From Keyboard(AFK), it is common for people to say “wb” which stands for “Welcome Back” to the individual. While not necessary, it is just a sign of courtesy.

Direct & (sometimes brutal) Honesty

WolvHaveners are known to be direct and (sometimes brutally) honest. Generally, WolvHaveners believe that there is no point in complaining or talking behind one’s back as doing so only achieves nothing. WolvHaveners prefer to be direct and honest about the way they feel about an individual or subject – and if you’re on the receiving end of it try not to take it to heart and just treat it as feedback.

The whole concept behind this is that someone will never know what to change or improve on if they don’t even know about it.


While being Direct & Honest is one of the things that WolvHaveners do, it is also important to note that it should only be done with an open mind.

Many who are often shunned by the community are those who try to change too much when they have not tried getting used to something before giving feedback on it.

Debates and discussions

While politics is often a taboo topic in many cultures, WolvHaveners often embrace serious political debate and thoughtful discussions. The key in this is to remain respectful of one anothers’ opinions and to agree to disagree at times.

Meme Culture

Memes are an integral part of WolvHaven culture. WolvHaveners will often make sarcastic political comments or jokes just for laughs. Take care not to be too easily offended by such jokes as you wouldn’t want to appear as a killjoy

The WolvHaven Economy

WolvHaven has an in-game currency called the WolvHaven Dollar (WHD/WH$). This in-game currency is used to between players to trade items within survival, interact with player shops and to purchase or sell services.

The WolvHaven economy is a hybrid economy where survival and creative trade is integrated into the same economic system. The 4 main components are the passive, survival, creative and roleplay trades.

Earning Money

Within WolvHaven, there are many ways to earn money through jobs. One of the most efficient methods of obtaining money is to work in our survival multiplayer world, Pangea.

Passive Income

All players, regardless of their rank earn $25 for every 30 minutes of online game time, capped at $200 a day.

Survival – Jobs Plugin

Do /jobs browse. This will give you a menu of multiple jobs you can join. For more detail, left click on the job. The amount of pay you get for each action or material harvested will be displayed.

The more you work, the more experience points within the job you will gain. This will allow you to level up.

To join the job, simply right click the position, and you are ready to work! Now each time you work (e.g. farm carrots) you will get paid automatically. All materials harvested may be kept by yourself.

At the moment, you may only have threejobs at one time.

Creative – Franchising Economy

Creative players would be more interested in the franchising or services economy. Build up a business with a reputable brand.

City – Roleplay Jobs

The city also offers a variety of roleplay jobs. WolvHaven believes in functional roleplay – so the jobs you take on actually make a difference.

Some roleplay Jobs are:

  • Train operator/conductor
    (Contact @Train Examiners on discord for more info)
  • Train operator/conductor examiner
    (Contact @Train Examiners on discord for more info)
  • Parliamentary Service Clerk
    (Contact @Parliamentary Service on discord for more info)

WolvHaven’s Political System

WolvHaven is one of the few minecraft servers with a functioning political system. The Parliament of WolvHaven is where most of this activity takes place and is made up of 3 elements – the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The lower house – the House of Representatives is a democratically elected body whose members are known as Members Of Parliament (MP).

The upper house – the Senate is a group of specially selected members based on their expertise by the President himself. The Senate acts as a house of review and amends any legislation passed by the lower house to improve it or rejects it entirely.

The President is the owner of the server. The president has the power to veto any passed bills and introduce temporary laws to tackle any emergency situations that may concern the server. Should the temporary law be made permanent, it will have to go through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Electoral System

WolvHaven employs the Mixed Member Proportionate system where the percentage of votes a party has determines the percentage of the seats they have in Parliament. A general election is held once every 6 months where WolvHaveners head to the polls to make their voice heard.

Voting in a General Election

  • You have to be ranked [Citizen] or above
  • Report to a voting station (usually at City Hall)
  • Get a ballot book & quill
  • Fill out the ballot according to the instructions
  • Sign and close the book & quill
  • Drop it into the ballot box and you’ve just voted!

Political Parties

Political parties within WolvHaven are groups of like-minded individuals who feel the same way in which the server should be operated.

Joining a political party

Ask the leader of a party if you can join. The more votes a party gets, the more seats it has in the house. However, if a party does not have enough votes to give all its members a seat, it will be up to the party leader to decide.

Creating a political party

Come up with a party name, slogan, logo, and build up your political platform. (What you want to change in WolvHaven.)

Try to advertise and garner supporters for your cause. (Eg: Rallies.) Great ways to do this are attending the debate of the general election, making a wiki page with all your policies, and making a 30-second promotion video which will be posted on the official Youtube channel.

PROTIP: Make sure you register for the elections on time!

We would like to thank the following team for preparing the beginners’ guide:
ChickenJoshBwak, Baymax1020 & Mystiquely