All information pertaining to penalties, warnings & appeal processes can be found here.


WolvHaven uses several forms of penalties to penalize individuals who infringe on our server rules.

Types of penalties:

  • Verbal Warning
    A reminder that the act committed is against the rules.
    This does not apply to veterans – members who have been around for over 6 months.
  • Official Warning
    An official record that stays with the player and remains active for 2 months from date of issue.

    Accumulation of 3 active warnings will result in a 1-week temp ban with an additional 1-week for every active warning above 3.
  • Server Mute
    Removing the ability of a player to chat on the server.
  • Monetary Fine
    A reduction of a player’s in-game economy balance.
  • Confiscation of items &/or property
  • Imprisonment
  • Demotion/removal of rank
  • Temporary Ban
    A ban restricting a player from logging on to the server for a duration of time.

    Any temporary ban in excess of 31 days is upgraded to an appealable permanent ban.
  • Permanent Ban (Appealable)
    A ban that restricting a player from logging onto the server for an indefinite amount of time unless successfully appealed.

    Appeals 24 hours from the time of issue of a ban will only be considered
  • Permanent Ban (Unappealable)
    A ban that restricting a player from logging onto the server for an indefinite amount of time.

    Unappealable perm bans are downgraded to appealable permanent bans 6 months from the time of issue
  • IP Ban
    A ban from logging on to the server using a specific IP address.

Appeal Process

Take Note

  • Be respectful
    Avoid the use of insults, name-calling and ensure that your language is not in a demeaning/demanding tone.
  • Report the truth 
    Providing false information can result in further penalties being placed against you.
  • Provide Evidence
    Try to provide evidence. This makes it more reliable and more trustworthy.
  • Do not beg/demand 
    Do not plead or demand action be taken.
  • Use English
    We can only understand English in most circumstances. Appeals made with other languages may take longer to process.

Tips on successful appeal

  • Show understanding
    Players who show understanding and acknowledge that they have made a mistake have a higher chance of appeal being accepted. If unsure, of the reason, feel free to ask a member of staff.
  • Your track record matters
    Committing the same offense multiple times within a short period of time will result in a lower chance of acceptance. You are advised to take a month or two to reflect, then appeal again.
  • Appeal when appropriate
    24 hours from the time of issue for all penalties, except unappealable permanent bans where the earliest appeal should be considered 6 months from the time of issue.
  • Hostile Behavior won’t get you anywhere
    (e.g. threatening to hack etc. consistently prior to appealing)
  • Sincerity matters
    Be sincere in your appeal, don’t do it “for the sake of doing it”. We can tell from the way you write your appeal.
  • Accept and move on
    If your appeal is rejected, appeal again after a month

Appeal Form