Server Rules & Regulations/Law

Before you join our server, there are a few rules and regulations that you need to know and follow. We want to keep WolvHaven enjoyable for all – so it is important that you know these rules. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in penalties.

Section A: General Rules

These rules must be observed everywhere on the server.
NOTE: This is just a summary. For further details including penalties, refer to the WolvHaven Statutes.

  1. No griefing
    Griefing of any form is not tolerated on WolvHaven
  2. Don’t be a Jerk
    Interact with other members respectfully
  3. Be considerate in chat
    Do not use caps and vulgar language excessively. Keep messages 1-2 seconds apart and refrain from spamming the chat
  4. Advertising is strictly prohibited
    WolvHaven takes a very serious view of advertising. Servers can only be mentioned if they are to provide context or clarity to a conversation such as if an event has happened regarding a foreign server, for example. Any endorsement of a server with the server name mentioned or excessive mentioning of other servers will be considered as advertising
  5. Report bugs & exploits to staff
    E.g. ability to set gamemode to creative in a survival world
  6. Speak in English, please!
    Please use English when chatting on the server in general. We want WolvHaven to be inclusive to all. An exception to this rule is made when conversing with another player who has difficulty communicating in English.
This is a summary of the rules

For specifics such as maximum punishments, and other rules, please refer to the WH penal code

Section B: Creative Rules

These rules must be observed in the sandbox & laboratory worlds

  1. Do not waste plots
    Be considerate, let’s ensure everyone has space to build in
  2. The following builds are prohibited
    • 1×1 Towers
    • Offensive / NSFW builds
    • Excessive activated beacons
    • Railway systems that extend across multiple plots
    • Tunnels that cross underneath plots which you do not own/public roads
    • Automatic traincarts systems
    • Redstone lag machines
    • Slimeblock vehicles/automobiles outside of the designated area
  3. Do not modify the bedrock level
    Just don’t.
  4. Keep the sandbox neat & tidy
    When combining plots, do so in a neat and orderly fashion. In addition, do not build on or modify the roads that are not between plots that you have claimed

Section C: Survival Rules

These rules must be observed within the Pangaea world.

  1. Mods which give you a significant advantage over players are prohibited
    Example: X-Ray, Fly, Kill Aura, Noclip mods
  2. Secure your items, valuables, and properties
    It is your responsibility to ensure that your items are safe. You may lock your chests, doors, furnaces, and more using the /lock command. Theft from unprotected containers is fair game.
  3. “Temporary Grief” is prohibited
    Breaking through walls, floors or any part of a person’s property but repairing the damage later to steal from unprotected containers is still considered as grief and will be penalized as such.
    • This rule does not apply if the structure is in a form such that you would accidentally break into it.
      e.g. the a player’s base is a cave and you mined into it
  4. The following builds are prohibited
    • Automatic Traincarts Systems
    • Railways within 300m of the world spawn