January 2019 General Elections

Important Dates

Date & Time (All in UTC +-0)Event
19 Jauary 1PMGeneral Election Debate
24 January 4PMCooldown Period Begins
25 January 4PMPolls Open
27 January 4PMPolls Close

Election Information

Voting System: Mixed Member Proportionate
Polling Period: 25-27 January 2019
Cooldown Period: 24 January 2019 to Release of Results

Unlike previous elections, there are no limits on campaigning periods. Hence, once registered, your party may immediately begin campaigning till cooldown period.

During cooldown period, no campaigning is to be allowed for any party.

For parties wishing to contest

  1. Please state your interest and have the following ready by 12 January:
    • Party details
    • Party wiki page
    • Party manifesto
  2. Register your party’s interest by commenting on this post the following details:
    • Party name
    • Party wiki page
    • Party-list of candidates in order of preference to enter parliament
  3. All parties with existing elected seats must also register their interest
  4. Parties that are running together must have the same list of candidates in order of preference to enter parliament as agreed by all parties on all their wiki pages.

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