Toxicity is here to stay.

But only if you and I want it to.

What is “Toxicity”?

Collective, confrontational behavior that makes people on the server feel unwelcome or uncomfortable is “Toxicity”

What are some behaviors that contribute to “Toxicity”?

Crude replies towards others
Condescending Behavior
Unreceptiveness towards others’ views
Continuing behavior that annoys others, after told to stop politely

What can I do to prevent “Toxicity”?

Be aware of the impact of your actions on others
Speak up in a polite, non-confrontational manner
Acknowledge others’ concerns, and work on a solution
Report such behavior to staff

Be more aware of your actions

Sometimes even the smallest of actions, may cause an annoyance, or affect someone’s experience negatively.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would like it if the same action was done towards you?

Speak up in a polite, non-confrontational, and constructive manner

Tell the other person in a non-confrontational, polite, and constructive manner that what they are doing is making you feel uncomfortable (don’t use the word toxic).

However, understand that you (as with everyone else) are not perfect, and be prepared to receive feedback in return.

Speaking up opens dialogue for understanding.

Accept others’ concerns, work on it

When someone tells you what you are doing is negatively affecting them, acknowledge it, and work on it.

Try and come up with a compromise if necessary, and resolve your concerns or differences in a civil manner.

Report it to stop it

If you feel unsure about raising concerns yourself, or if someone is making you uncomfortable, report it to a member of staff.

Open a ticket in helpop, or use the whistleblowing form to report such behavior.

Staff will assess the situation, and take any necessary action

Am I contributing towards toxicity?

Over the coming days, Staff will directly message you with feedback regarding your behavior, if any. This feedback is based off on Staff observations, or feedback from other players.

Treat the feedback constructively, and help us make WolvHaven a nicer place for all.

Feel free to open a ticket with Staff for further clarification.

Staff’s commitment towards resolving the toxicity issue

We have to face the truth. Toxicity will never be fully resolved, and we will never be able to force everyone to get along. But it does not excuse such behavior coming from some players.

The WolvHaven Staff plan on managing server toxicity

Setup an anonymous incident reporting form

Called the whistleblowing form

For players who may be afraid of approaching staff out of fear of repercussions.

You may now report such incidents via the whistleblowing form

Extend staff jurisdiction

to all WolvHaven-related platforms

Action will be taken against incidents that occur in all WolvHaven-related platforms/discord servers.

New penalties will apply to owners of the Discord servers/platforms for negligence in failing to reasonably combat acts of bullying/harassment.

New training

to spot toxicity as it happens

Staff will undergo re-training to spot toxicity as and when it happens.

You may feedback on a staff member failing to reasonably act on a case of toxicity (e.g. happening infront of them, but failing to act) via the Whistleblowing form

More active prevention

to help others realise the impact of their actions

WolvHaven Staff will directly message members with feedback regarding their behavior.

Feedback may be submitted to staff in the form of a ticket via #Helpop, or via the whistleblowing form.

WolvHaven Staff will also resort to issuing harsher penalties, such as warnings, and possible permanent bans to players who continuously contribute towards “toxicity”.

These changes will take time, and we appreciate your patience as we roll them out.

Toxicity is here to stay. But only if you and I want it to.