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A Creative City-Building Minecraft server for the Architecture, Infrastructure, and Transit Enthusiast.

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Minecraft Version: 1.18.2 (as of December 2023)

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Welcome to WolvHaven!

WolvHaven is a creative city-building Minecraft server for the architecture, infrastructure, and transit enthusiast.

Established since 2011, WolvHaven was set up by SilverWolv to build a city in Minecraft with a functioning survival roleplay system, but has since evolved to become a Creative city building server focused on Architecture, Infrastructrue and Transit.

  • WolvHaven City acts as the showcase city of the server
  • Players may build their own towns and cities in the creative city building worlds of Gardellia or Calidia
  • A survival world is also available for players to have some classic Survival Multiplayer fun

Our offered gamemodes

WolvHaven City

More to Explore

The WolvHaven City project is the capital of the server, and acts as a showcase city.

Explore WolvHaven

Creative City-Build

Create to Captivate

Build your own city and let your creativity run free. Create something to amaze the masses.

Build your city

Survival Multiplayer

Survive to Thrive

Survive together with friends and start a community. Trade with others with our in-game currency.