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A survival multiplayer Minecraft server with a little touch of creative that’s so much more.

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Minecraft version 1.12.2

Letters, Puzzles, and a Wheel With Money

Wheel of Fortune

27 & 28 July 2019 1/2PM UTC

Whammies & Big Bucks!

Press your luck.

27 & 28 July 2019 1/2PM UTC

Make yourself visible on Dynmap by

1 August 2019

New restrictions on Dynmap Hide come into effect soon.

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Wolv Haven City

The WolvHaven City project has been the heart of the server ever since its beginning in 2011.

Create to captivate.


Build your own city and let your creativity run free. Create something to amaze the masses.

Survive to thrive.


Survive together with friends and start a community. Trade with others with our in-game currency.

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New restrictions on Dynmap Hide

In accordance with the Dynmap (Hidden View) Act, 2019, usage of the Dynamic Map Hide command (/dynmap hide) shall no longer be permitted when the act is ratified with effect 1 August 2019. Any player who, without authorization from Staff remains hidden from view in Dynamic Map shall be liable for an offense under WolvHaven…

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July 2019 Screenshot Contest Results

In June, we asked you for your best screenshots and you definitely did not disappoint. We received 46 different photos of things that you hold dearly. Here are the winners of the contest and their submissions. And the winners are… 1. The City of Aegis, charming by day, perilous by night. By Kakadoka. 2. Indeed…

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The skyscraper establishes the block, the block creates the street, the street offers itself to man.
Roland Barthes