Gardellia & Calidia

Create to Captivate — Creative city building worlds made for the seriously creative.

Creative City Build

Gardellia & Calidia are the two worlds in the server dedicated to creative city building. Players may claim areas and start building their own towns & cities regardless of their building skill level as long as they follow the rules.

Gardellia or Calidia?


For those starting out small

  • Opened in 2016, Gardellia is WolvHaven's first city building world.
  • Built around a government-owned national railway network, players usually claim and build their cities around prebuilt stations.
  • Stations are spaced approximately 500m apart, and expansion may be limited due to neighboring claims along the rail line.


For those with bigger plans or ambitions

  • Opened in 2020, Calidia is WolvHaven's newest city building world.
  • Unlike Gardellia, Calidia is a large-biome terrain generated world without any pre-built infrastructure.
  • Players space out and start their claims where space is available, away from other claims.
  • They are expected to collaborate and negotiate should they want to connect their claims using inter-city infrastructure.