This page contains information on the various commands and plugins in use in the server

Plugin Information

WolvHaven uses a variety of plugins to provide functionality within the server. You may click on any of these links for more information about any plugin and how to use it.


The train plugin used on the server. Traincarts coasters is also used in WolvHaven City.

Traincarts Wiki


Used for player shops to sell or trade items for in-game currency.

Quickshop Wiki | Video Tutorial


Allows users to copy/paste/rotate and quickly replace blocks in regions.

WorldEdit Wiki | Video Tutorial

Armor Stand Tools (AST)

Create and customise armor stands.

AST Wiki | Video Tutorial

Heads Database

Allows you to obtain custom player heads for decoration.

  • /headdb or /hdb or /heads to open menu
  • /hdb search to search for heads


Allows you to import custom images to display on maps.

ImageFrame Plugin Page | Video Tutorial


Allows you to create lifts in the server with smooth animations and different speeds, valid base blocks and speeds are iron block, copper ore, gold ore, diamond ore

LiftsReloaded Plugin Page | Video Tutorial

General Commands

All server members have access to these commands

Command Description
General Commands
/help View list of available commands
/afk Marks you as away-from-keyboard
/back Teleports you to your location prior to teleport/spawn/warp/death
/gamemode <gamemode> Change your gamemode (or /gmc for creative, /gms for survival, /gmsp for spectator)
Economy Commands
/balance or /bal States the current balance of a player
/balancetop or /baltop Gets the top balance values of eveyrone
/balancetop or /baltop Gets the top balance values of eveyrone
/pay Send another player in-game money
Transport & Teleport
/spawn Teleport to spawn
/tpa Send a request to teleport to a player
/tpahere Send a request to a player to you
/tpaccept & /tpdeny Accept or deny a teleport request
/sethome <home_name> Sets home with home_name to current location
/home <home_name> Teleport to your home
/delhome <home_name> Delete home of home_name
/mail Manage your in-game mail
/msg & /tell Send a private message the specified player
/me Describes an action in the context of the player
/ignore <player> Ignore or unignore other players
Quality of Life Commands
/clearinventory or /ci Clear all items in your inventory
/compass Describes your current bearing
/ptime Adjust player's client time
/pweather Adjust player's weather
/skull Get a player's playerhead
/seen Shows the last logout time of a player