Application forms

This page lists all the links to application forms related to the server

Citizen Rank Application

Apply for the [Citizen] rank. You should have obtained [PR] at least 7 days ago.

Apply for [Citizen]

WorldEdit Qualification

Apply for WorldEdit Qualification. Passing this test grants you access to basic WorldEdit commands in the city-building worlds and is a prerequisite for the [Builder] rank.

WorldEdit Qualification Test

City-Build Claim Registration

As per the rules, all claims in Gardellia & Calidia must be registered with Staff (CARD). You mau use this to register a new claim or de-register an existing claim.

Claim Registration Form

City-Build Access Registration

Only for players who obtained [PR] before July 2021 and did not apply for Gardellia & Calidia build rights before.

As of July 2021, Gardellia & Calidia build access is given upon completion of the Immigration Test.

Apply for Build Access

Whistleblow an Incident

You should submit a whistleblowing report only if you believe submitting a report directly to staff or revealing your identity puts yourself at risk. Otherwise, please submit a report by opening a ticket using #helpop via discord.

All reports will be treated with strict confidentiality. You should provide as much information as possible in the fields below to facilitate our investigation.

WolvHaven is committed to protecting all individuals who submit reports in good faith against any form of retaliation and victimization.

Submit a report