Vision 2023

A survival multiplayer creative Minecraft server with a little touch of creative survival that’s so much more.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, we would like to thank all WolvHaveners around for their continued support of the server. WolvHaven was a privately run Minecraft server and only recently became a public 24/7 Minecraft server since 2014.

That means that close to half of the server’s entire history was spent as a private server.

As time changes, our player base will change, and the server itself will also need to adapt to said change

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Emigrating to WolvHaven

The information on this page was last updated on 25 October 2021

As some of you may know, one of our sister servers – the Minecart Rapid Transit has recently announced that they will be likely shutting down from end-2022/early-2023. WolvHaven’s staff would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards the MRT server for being an amazing and supporting sister server. Despite certain differences and past inter-community rifts or scuffles, both servers’ management has cooperated in other ways such as the joint security agreement, helping to watch each others’ backs.

What the closure means for WolvHaven

There are no imminent plans for WolvHaven’s closure, and we will continue to keep the lights on for as long as it remains sustainable. However, due to inter-linking between the communities, it is likely that a number of past MRT members will be looking to WolvHaven as a new alternative or place to settle down in.

This post aims to get most of the confusion out of the way to ensure things remain in order and smooth for both communities.

The Major differences between both servers

WolvHaven is currently a roleplay, survival multiplayer, and creative city-building server. This means the main world, is in survival, and the creative worlds; in creative.

Survival Worlds — WolvHaven City, Pangaea, The End, Nether, Games

Creative Worlds — Calidia, Gardellia, Laboratory, Sandbox

To get to the various worlds, you may use the various portals in spawn.

The server is also undergoing some major restructuring expected to be in-effect by end-2022, where fifth haven replaces WolvHaven city, and creative becoming the main gamemode of the server. This is still currently in the works and is subject to change.

Survival Multiplayer

Pangaea is the survival multiplayer world of the server. However, it has degenerated into quite a mess and is scheduled to be replaced by a new survival world when the server eventually updates to 1.18 to take advantage of the new terrain generation

Creative City Build

Gardellia is the first city-build world that was introduced in 2016, and is very similar to that of the MRT. Players may claim stations, or locations and develop their own claims from there.

Calidia is the newer city-build world introduced in 2020. Calidia does not have any pre-built infrastructure and such infrastructure will be added later to connect existing claims. It was introduced to address the lack of sufficient spacing between station claims from Gardellia.

Both worlds allow you to use basic worldedit if you pass the worldedit qualification test.

Warp Transit is being worked on and MyWarp is currently in the works of being rolled out to the server.

Staff & Administration

WolvHaven’s administration primarily consists of 2 major parts the Staff and the Elected Community Ministers.

Each Minister oversees a portfolio position attached to a staff department and has direct access to the relevant staff department discord channels. Their role is to represent community input to staff and act as a watchdog over Staff.

Staff Departments

  • Ministry for Internal Affairs (MIA) overseen by the elected minister for internal affairs — primarily tasked with handling player applications for rank-related matters and oversee moderation within the server
  • Creative Affairs & Regulation Department (CARD) overseen by the elected minister for creative affairs — mainly oversees matters related to creative city-build claims and disputes
  • Ministry for Infrastructure & National Development (MIND) overseen by the elected minister for infrastructure — mainly handles matters relating to the development of the shared infrastructure like roads, trains, and metro driver applications etc.
  • Ministry for Culture & Foreign Affairs (MCFA) overseen by the elected minister for culture & foreign affairs — mainly handles things like community events and the wiki
  • Development Commission (DEVCOM) not overseen by any elected minister — mainly in charge of technical aspects of server operations, plugins etc.

How are requests handled in WolvHaven?

Unlike MRT, WolvHaven staff attends to proposals and plans when they are proposed by members. There are no monthly staff meetings. These proposals, if needed can be made directly to the CARD, and staff members will assess and approve or deny the project.

For certain applications that are processed on a monthly basis, they are usually processed during administrative days which are the 3rd Saturday of every month.

How Staff are selected

WolvHaven Staff is selected on an invite-only basis. We try to look out for staff members who are both fun, understanding, and can remain neutral and handle matters objectively.

Public Servants

Some members may have [PS] appended to their ranks. Public servants are non-staff members who assist staff in the operations of the server and may have limited powers.


Parliament is a place for players to make suggestions to change things in the server and are debated upon firstly by members of the community, voted upon by the elected ministers and a group of 5 general members of parliament, who are also elected in the House of Representatives

Each proposal is then moved to be debated by Staff and any selected experienced members in the Senate before being passed and implemented in the server.


All players will be part of the basic rank track

  • Visitor — the most basic rank, only allowed to visit the worlds
  • Permanent Resident (PR) — obtained after taking the immigration test; grants access to building in the worlds (except for WolvHaven City)
  • Citizen — may be applied for 1 week after obtaining PR, grants voting rights in elections

Certain add-on ranks may be obtained via applications

  • Architect / Engineer — based on application, gives build permission to players who want to build in WolvHaven City.
  • Donor — From donations made to to the server
  • PS — public servant

Getting Started

For new members

  • Read our rules and regulations
  • Take the 30 question in-game immigration test
  • Upon completion, take your proof-of-completion screenshot, join the discord server, and submit your proof-of-completion
  • Get verified on discord once promoted to PR — your creative city build rights are included

For older members before 1 July 2021 and have no Calidia/Gardellia build rights

  • Apply for build rights via the application form
  • Your application will be graded and if passed, a member of staff will give you the permission

Getting Worldedit

  • Study basic worldedit
  • Take the worldedit qualification test
  • If passed, staff will grant worldedit qualification rights
  • You are advised that as a player with WE Qualification, you should assist where possible, players who need it whom do not have the permissions to do so


  • The wiki is on
  • Accounts are created upon request to staff
  • To request an account, open a ticket with MCFA under #helpop

Finding form links and services

  • Staff service requests can be made by opening a ticket with the relevant department in #Helpop
  • Application forms, and services can be found from

Community, Culture & Safety

WolvHaven emphasizes on being mindful of the feelings of other players. We want a safe, and constructive environment for all members. WolvHaven is rather liberal on things that can be said on the server. Swearing (not-in-excess), casual banter among consenting individuals, to serious political discussion are allowed.

We will draw the line when it involves discrimination, hate or intentional behavior meant to cause discomfort to other players

Ultimately, you are expected to keep things civil at all times. To further enable discussion, refrain from using strong words or adjectives — especially in serious discussion.

You can read more in our guide on community, culture & safety

It is ok to say (and be told) that’s not okay

We hope players will undertake any disagreements or matters in a polite, non-confrontational manner. Should this disagreement continue, staff is available to give a final decision based on the facts and evidence.

Whistleblowing Form

The whistleblowing form is always available should players want to report matters to staff in an anonymous fashion if they believe that filing a regular report with staff places them in danger of any negative community repercussions. This should be a last resort in all cases as regular reports tend to get resolved quicker.

Staff will always respond to whistleblowing reports via the #notifications channel.

Player Events & Initiated Activities

While WolvHaven Staff will occasionally host official events, players are more than welcome to host their own events such as gameshows or buildoffs etc.

WolvHaven Staff will in most cases support and publicize such player-hosted events so that more players can join in on the fun if requested.

Event funding can be asked of staff, and players may approach MCFA for assistance.

The same applies to player-initiated activities and corporations that add value to the community; such as media companies like NewsNet, which runs independently off Staff despite being operated by a group of staff members will also be actively promoted, and will be given special permissions to announce in the #news channel.


Can I own a claim in both creative city building worlds? — yes you are able to own a claim in both worlds. As of 1 July 2021, there are no longer limits on the number of claims you can own, but please be mindful of others and only claim what you need (i.e. do not waste land/space)

Can I transfer my assets/franchises/companies? — yes you may transfer anything you have created using mods such as schematica. WolvHaveners tend not to charge in-game money for franchises, but you are welcome to do so. The only thing we won’t be cool with being transferred over is beef between players or drama.

How do I start a claim? I remember it used to be very restrictive. — As of 1 July 2021, there are no longer any hard-defined requirements to start a claim. However, we do ask that you register your claim with the Staff Creative Affairs & Regulation Department (CARD) for administrative purposes

WolvHaveners are hostile towards MRTers — this is not true. WolvHaveners will only be hostile towards players who do not treat this space, or community with respect. (e.g. bombarding the conversation with MRT-only talk, insinuating that either server is better, excessive complaining over why WolvHaven isn’t exactly like the MRT etc.)

New rules from 1 July 2021

Hello! As mentioned earlier in a previous post about the upcoming changes to the WolvHaven experience, we mentioned that we would be simplifying and relaxing the rules and regulations.

If all goes according to plan, the new rules will come into force from the 1st July 2021, which is under 2 weeks away

View the new rules

You may view the draft rules here

We are open to player feedback till the implementation of the new changes.

What Changes?

Watch prof SilverWolv’s boring lecture here:

Major Changes to the WolvHaven experience

Several major changes to the server rules and experience will be coming. Over the past several months, we have been looking at ways to make the server easier to integrate and settle down in, and have identified some pain points raised by newer members of our community.

The most commonly mentioned pain points include:

  • Confusing/Complex rules and regulations
  • Tiresome to go through 3 application forms just to get the full City-Building experience

TLDR; (That’s Too Long, Didn’t Read / To summarize)

  1. These changes are needed to ensure WolvHaven continues to grow
  2. We are re-writing and simplifying the rules
  3. We are relaxing several rules and specifics
  4. We are reducing the no. of applications needed, but strengthening the immigration test
  5. All existing PRs and above will be given Gard/Cali build rights
  6. More transparency on applications for architect, engineer & staff
  7. Pangaea Reset will happen mid-2022, and the replacement world will be given as much care and detail as all our other worlds.
  8. Your help is needed to make this community better, socialise and get to know your fellow WolvHaveners more and help newcomers settle in easier.

πŸ’¬ Join in the Conversation in #rules-reform in Discord

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Migrating to a new Wiki

Since its introduction in 2014, the WolvHaven wiki has been hosted using a free third party hosting service, known as shoutwiki. While we thank them for providing the service to us, the needs of the community have outgrown what they can offer.

WolvHaven needs a wiki that can be changed, modified, and configured to our needs fast, and to be able to manage wiki editing rights and user accounts in a responsible manner.

Hosting our own wiki has always been a problem; as we are limited by the amount of funding.

Due to the management of the wiki being outsourced, we were often limited by the service which they can provide, which is frustrating for our members.

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Changes to the WolvHaven Political System

Since the beginning of the current political system in WolvHaven in 2017, several issues have arisen. Following discussions with members of staff, and after conducting a review, several key changes will be coming to the server’s political system.

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Server leadership changes 2020

Hello! SilverWolv here. Since the inception of the WolvHaven server in 2011, I have mainly been in charge of overseeing the overall running and managing of the server.

However, all things will come to an end, and I will be moving off to doing my studies in University soon and will no longer be as active as I was last time. As such, I have entrusted several individuals with the responsibility to keep WolvHaven operational well into the future.

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