Calidia Cleanup (Spring 2024)

Hello everyone, as some of you may have spotted, the dynmap has some new icons in Calidia. This is part of the upcoming Calidia cleanup.

Why a cleanup?

Calidia has now become the main city building world with most activity taking place there over Gardellia and there has been feedback regarding a perceived crowdedness of the world as of late. Whilst a world expansion is still on the cards, server leadership and CARD have decided to undertake an audit of existing claims.

A bit of background

This is similar to what was done on a regular basis in Gardellia prior to December 2020. The monthly abandoned claims check was suspended following that due to the opening of Calidia and resulting additional space, along with decreased activity on the server following new post-Covid player activity trends from 2022 onwards.

What does this mean for me?

Please check the dynmap to see if your claim is affected by the cleanup or see if your claim and username is listed below.

  • ⚠️ icon indicates that you must notify @CARD on Discord (via a ⁠helpop ticket) if you wish to retain your claim.
  • 🚩 icon indicates that the claim has been deemed abandoned and is liable to being removed or is up for adoption. Once again please open a ⁠helpop ticket to indicate whether you are interested in adoption.

Why is my claim included?

Criteria such as player inactivity, claim development, date of claiming have all been considered when conducting the audit.

List of Affected Claims

🚩 Rescinded / Abandoned Claims

North West

  • Étienne-sur-Mer (ETSM) - claim already rescinded
  • Epping (EPPG) - claim already rescinded
  • Snow (SNOW) - claim already rescinded

North East

  • @GravityDuke Puente Austral (PTAU)

South East

  • Comrie City (CMRE) - claim already rescinded
  • @Bluedragonplayz2 Dragonhaven (BDDH)

⚠️ Notify @CARD on Discord if you want to retain your claim

North West

  • @DintyB Großheim (GRHM)
  • @_aezo Oceania (CNIA)
  • @CM_Raiders Lunoctocem (LUNO)
  • @__7d Seraforest (XSET)
  • @JacobTheWizard Landamot (LDMT)
  • @PsychologyTheory Lush Island (LHID)
  • @SubwayFan600 Northdale City (CTLG)
  • @dobiiscool Port Tilburg (PTBG)
  • @bruhmmnt Nordlau (NRDL)

North East

  • @NotWern Mount Mighty (MTMG)
  • @Kr4ka Graslet Cross (GLCS)
  • @Ralkk Wendover (WDVR)
  • @WillieWoo257986 New Epping (NEPG)
  • @fork_07 Wasserstadt (WASR)
  • @D4rkBeast Mysterian Ville (PWMM)

South East

  • @MallardTrainMan Anderson City (MATT)
  • @waterfilter21 Newport South (NWPS)
  • @nisnocsiw6426 Arrow Of The East (AOTE)
  • @Spreffy Savanna Bay (SVBY)
  • @mi_aquamarine Azera (AZRA)
  • @fork_07 New Himmelstadt (NHST)
  • @DDaniii Villanueva de San Julián (VNSJ)
  • @HarborRandom852 Morbura (MRBA)
  • @nikusguy Passem (PSEM)
  • @Lenthe_ Nederstad (TDZV)