Survive to thrive.

A survival multiplayer world

What is Pangaea?

Pangaea is the SMP world in WolvHaven where you can work on your own or with friends to survive and build in the traditional Minecraft fashion. Forge a community with friends and build an quaint village or master your creative skills with a great castle atop a hill!

How do I get there?

Pangaea is accessible from the C1 gate at Mechanicsburg International Airport, from there find your place and start building. You may access Pangaea by doing /spawn going to the Pangaea Portal in the spawn hub.

What are the rules?

The rules are available on the Rules page. Make sure to take note that stealing from chests is allowed on Pangaea as long the chest was not locked. A ban on railways being built within a 300 block limit of Pangaea spawn is also in force.