New WolvHaven City

4th Haven (4H), 2013—2023.

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New WolvHaven (4H) is the 4th edition of WolvHaven City, established in December 2013. It will be retired soon.

The server's (old) capital

New WolvHaven was the capital of the server from 2013—2023. It has since been replaced by New Wolfminster (5H) which is over 10x larger

Why was 4H retired?

Announced in December 2013, 4H was meant to be the final iteration of the WolvHaven City project. However, in late 2015, problems soon started showing up with the current world due to the way it was designed. Several reasons were given such as:

  • Lack of space — As the city was only approximately 2km by 2km, issues regaring space arose when space was unable to be provisioned for an airport.
  • Insufficient planning — Many key parts of the city's infrastructure, such as its expressways were squeezed into existence
  • Poor design of roads — 2-lane roads in Wolfminster island with 3-block wide lanes were insufficient and becoming outdated
  • Near impossible to rectify — Fixing problems would require a full rebuild of the city

It was decided in a Parliament session in December 2016 to add a mega fourth island to the existing map. However, after reviews, it was decided that WolvHaven City would move onto its 5th edition.


The Meto network in 4H popularized WolvHaven and is the biggest reason why members joined.

  • Automatic Lines — (2),(8)
  • Semi-Auto Lines — (1),(3),(10)
  • Manual Lines — (4),(5),(6),(7),(9)

This map was designed by Jotch in 2020