WolvHaven City

WolvHaven City

The heart of our server.

The WolvHaven City project has been the heart of the server ever since its beginning in 2011.

The city serves as the main world of the server – where all players spawn in. It also holds the links to all other
worlds and government buildings and services.

Latest News

Introducing Staff Departments

We introduced Administrative Days at the beginning of the year to streamline processes and ensure that applications do not get left out by tracking the progress and completion of all server administrative tasks. The effectiveness of this change can be seen in the large decrease in the number of complaints made relating to the timeliness…

1.13 Public Testing

Hello! Following our previous review of a 1.13 update in December 2018, things have recently been looking up – many of the plugins since then have been updated and we have begun testing. Some of you may have noticed a new discord channel called “Test-Server” pop up in discord – and as many of you…

Parliament site transformed

The revamped Parliament Website As part of the Web Transformation of Transformation 2020, we’re proud to announce the newly transformed Parliament website! The new website now contains all content within a single page with information reorganized to present a more user friendly experience. Let us know what you think! Check out the new Parliament Website

Wellborough District

Surround yourself with a mix of old skyscrapers of varying styles. Sitting on the northern edge of Central Park, the iconic skyscrapers of Wellborough is home to upper middle class WolvHaveners.

Nearest Metro Station:

Wellborough District

Stalingrad & Sarglia

The place to go to shop. Stalingrad & Sarglia stretches North-South and is served by 2 Metro stations on Line 2. This part of WolvHaven’s historic district is heavily influenced by European Architecture.

Nearest Metro Stations:
➋ Stalingrad & ➋ Sarglia

Stalingrad & Sarglia

Government District

Other than the iconic Eiffel Tower, Government District is also home to several other key iconic buildings in WolvHaven – such as the old Parliament house, the high court building, and the City Hall.

Nearest Metro Stations:
➊ ➋ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓ City Hall, ➋ Liberty, ➍ Government District, ➊ Republic

Government District

National Library

Thirsty for knowledge? Explore the National Library and embrace books written by WolvHaveners on a variety of subjects and literature or write your very own in the writers room on the top floor with fantastic views of the City skyline

Nearest Metro Stations:
➌ ➏ ➐ ➑ Primerose, ➋ ➌ ➎ Esplanade

National Library

The Pier

Sunday funday? Everyday’s a funday at the pier. Enjoy roller coaster rides and more on this theme park poking into the sea, or watch the sunset from the pier.

Nearest Metro Stations:
➎ ➌ Marine View

The Pier

Bella Vista

Known as the artists’ hub, Bella Vista is home to colorful buildings. Relax and meet up at the famous sunken fountain – the heart of the Bella Vista plaza, pay a visit to the nearby Bella Vista Cathedral too.

Nearest Metro Stations:
➎ Abderdeen, [SHUTTLE] Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Metro & BERT

Metro Map

Map Designed by disCackle

Metro Lines

City Line*
7th Avenue Line
East-West Line*
North-South Line**
East-Coast Line**
Interborough Line**
Interborough Express
Waterfront Line**
Circular Line**
Airport Express

Services in 5 min intervals

** Line is manual, request for a driver

* Line is semi-automatic spawn a train using button/pressure plate


Bus information coming soon


Expressway Information Coming Soon

Metro+ – your ticket to WolvHaven

The Metro+ is a form of electronic ticket used on public transport in Greater WolvHaven and is the first of its kind in Minecraft. It is valid for travel on Metro & Buses. It is also valid on some privately operated modes of transport such as BERT.

How to use Metro+